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Por fin hemos podido crear un blog del próximo libro juvenil que Ediciones Ámbar editará. Se trata de El Dios de los Animales de Aryn Kyle, una apasionante novela sobre lo que supone crecer entre caballos.

Aquí os adjuntamos una reseña de Goodreads para que se os vaya haciendo la boca agua, ya que aún no tenemos segura ni la imagen de portada ni el texto de contra, esperamos poder ir colgando todas las novedades y toda la información que vayamos teniendo de esta novela:

This is a book that remembers how to tell a story, without complicating the
process. its depth is in its simplicity, if you follow. the story is not
revolutionary,(girl, horses, death, lies, fantasy world, teacher crush, economic
disparity, eloped sister, first kiss, depressed mother, adultery, secrets
secrets secrets, and life's disappointments including the ways a marriage can
come apart) but it is told very well. the clear voice of the narrator and her
eventual disillusionment and realizations is uncanny and a perfect
crystallization of how it feels to be a girl on the cusp of puberty, with all of
its aggression and violent impulses and unsure footing, cruelty and tenderness,
the conflict, the decisions one makes to become the woman you become;
particularly here, where the traditional role models are damaged, absent, or
financially impossible. and the foal-weaning passages were heartbreaking and
unexpected. oh, man. Goodreads

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